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We are working to produce media that elevates Michigan food producers,

and want to find collaborators who can provide a platform for this content.

About Jon: Produced an Emmy Award-winning web series for public media outlet KQED San Francisco & PBS Digital Studios | Videographer, Editor & Animator

About Annaliese: M.L.A. in Gastronomy from Boston University | Passionate about food entrepreneurship & small sustainable farms | Photographer, Illustrator & Project Coordinator

What Even Grows Right Now? [2020]

In 2020, we produced

3 pilot episodes of the series

"What Even Grows Right Now?" 

featuring 7 different 

West Michigan producers. 

3.6k minutes viewed & 335 engagements on Facebook

Meant to playfully highlight monthly seasonality on

West Michigan farms

Instagram versions:

January | June | September 


Why we need

a collaborator:


We are hoping to find a partner that is excited about developing this content and getting it in front of their audience. The goal is not to grow our own platform. We'd like to make something that educates through stories about Michigan food producers and sheds light on our food system. Michigan is an incredibly agriculturally diverse state—but how local do we actually eat? What even grows here, and who grows it? 


Media helps us make connections, and nothing brings us together like the food we eat. 

We believe that joining forces with like-minded people is always better than going it alone. 

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